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I'm Tanja, a certified coach who helps busy women discover their purpose and pursure a fulfilling career.

You're a talented, strong and creative woman — you're also feeling swamped by life and overwhelmed by an uncertain world. It's been too long since you've taken the time to invest in yourself and define what important work means to you.

Your career fulfilment matters — you don't have to figure it out by yourself.

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Based in Vienna, Austria, my virtual-first approach allows me to offer my services GLOBALLY

I truly believe that there is a different way of working and living than the stress-fuelled, hustle culture that is the current norm.

There is a shift happening - a slow but steady revolution towards taking back our balance and our lives.

My Mission

But this new way of working can't be achieved without reflection and inner work.

How can you follow your dream career if you haven't specifically defined what's important to you? How can you attain balance without clarifying what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve it?

My Mission

I want to help you carve out the precious time it takes to do this work and guide you through it. I will gently hold you accountable and encourage you to dig deeper.

You'll harness your strengths and skills to map out a path towards meaningful work. A path that also supports your personal goals and values.

My Mission

I would highly recommend Tanja for anyone who is lacking direction or confidence and needs help to figure out what is essential for their own career goals and fulfillment.

"Tanja helped ME reshape my self-perception and redefine what's important to my personal and career growth."



"Tanja’s guidance and support has been pivotal to my career successes."

(South Africa)


Tanja’s coaching taught me an alternative approach to my fears of failure - treating problems with a solution mindset and to find the opportunities they create (whether it's around personal growth or career development).

Thanks to her long-standing expertise as a leader and mentor, it is not only easy to communicate with Tanja but her ability to challenge your own beliefs allows you to gain a different perspective.

"BEING COACHED BY TANJA RESULTED in me maKING tremendous progress in my own development."



Through ongoing coaching, Tanja helped me identify areas of improvement by providing honest and constructive feedback and helping me come up with strategies to improve my skills

Tanja's interpersonal skills set her apart ⁠— she connects with people on an authentic level.

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